Sunday, August 09, 2009

Matt Yglesias

usually annoys me because he really seems to believe that people with the wrong politics are evil and/or stupid. He's reasonably good at resisting agreeing with typical left wing positions for the purposes of group solidarity.

Anyway, he takes up Tyler's challenge to come up with an intelligent version of libertarianism and I'd say does it pretty well. Good for him
A separate issue is the welfare of the world’s poorest. Progressive internationalists have this kind of dopey vision of trying to make trade and immigration policy win-win-win for everyone by using redistributive taxation to ensure that everyone shares in the benefits. That sounds nice, but it means that in addition to trying to conquer people’s racist and nationalistic instincts you’re also engaged in a fight to pry wealth out of the hands of the wealthy and powerful. As a political strategy, it doesn’t really make much sense. Why not simply join forces with the wealthy and powerful so as to create a political coalition that’s plausibly capable of overwhelming xenophobia and creating borders that are relatively open to the flow of goods and labor?
Tyler's I'd guess is closer to how progressives would likely self describe, but that's not the point.

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