Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More on Woods

Here's a piece in the Telegraph about his behaviour during his loss on Sunday. I don't find it as off putting as threatening to break a photographer's neck, but in golfing terms it sounds worse, because apparently he didn't follow the standard etiquette. Walking to the next hole before your playing partner is finished is something even I might have know not to do, especially since he inevitably dragged a bunch of spectators with him, who inevitably made more noise than they should have.

I have a phenomenal bias, but it strikes me as weird that Federer's reputation seems to have taken a much bigger knock for wearing a top that said 15 on the back after Wimbledon, than Woods' has for this kind of behaviour.

Added: I've been Googling around and it seems reasonably clear that anyone who knows much about golf knows about his swearing and club smashing.

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