Friday, February 24, 2006

leading story

I realize that I have not posted much since my grand opening, but what with the power cuts actual classes, getting locked out of my employers house etc... I have barely logged on to a computer.

The dominant issue this week of course was the Chelsea, Barcelona champions league tie. It was a hugely exciting game and I thought that Barca dominated pretty much from start to finish; but of course nobody cares. Messi acted (he did), so everything else goes out the window, especially the question of whether it should have been a red card. Even looking at the replays it was a straight red but especially based on my initial reaction. Besides De Horno was lucky not to have been booked earlier, so should have walked either way. Sure Messi acted and should have been booked but it is really a side issue, players do it all the time and it creats zero fuss. I am also unconvinced that anybody noticed his acting, watch the tape, the players are clustered round De Horno, and the ref is trying to stop a fight, noby is looking at Messi. I love the English, I want to be one of them. But when it comes to soccer, they are idiots.

Friday, February 17, 2006

why am I starting a blog?

I've recently started blogging on my girlfriend's animal rights blog. Animal rights is one of the issues that I am prone to ranting on and on about, but you will be pleased to know that there are others and that is why I have started my own blog. I am a mildly evangelical atheist, which means that I actively follow the path of belief and non-belief in the wider world and am not afraid to give my opinions in a debate. Politically I am a liberal in the old fashioned sense of the word, meaning that we should be free to do as we wish both socially and economically so long as we don't harm others. There is not much of this sort of liberalism about these days and I hope to do my tiny bit in rehabilitating it. There are many excellent blogs out there, and often I will just be linking to them, but otherwise this is a space for me to think out loud, to practice writing, and to structure my thoughts.

new blog!

Did you know that there are only 27 million blogs currently on the web? So clearly there a niche for me to fill and since I start classes on Monday now is obviously the time to start it. So add this blog to your favorites and check often.