Monday, June 29, 2009


Is just a test.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

this is great

I was smiling through most of it and laughed a few times.


I live in a relatively upscale block in Century City and I really like it there. It's brand new and I was the first person on my end of the building to move in there, mostly because it wasn't quite done. There was still some construction going on and the kind of white cement dust that comes with that.

And obviously construction workers too. Everything was pretty much sorted months ago but there are teething problems that need to be sorted out. Yesterday as I got to my car on my way to work I found two guys sleeping on the ground next to my car. The back, passenger side wheel in fact, close enough to where I had to be careful not to run them over as I reversed.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Yay Federer!


And no trauma! Well he did miss two ridiculously Federerish forehands, one which shoulda given him match point but gave Soderling break point instead. But Soderling didn't break.

Federer was very assured and in control, in the way that makes him (increasingly rarely) a pleasure to watch.

I feel guilty for moaning about people wanting to put an asterisk next to this win. Everything I've read has been satisfactorily worshipful. The consensus about the GOAT is basically in now; even people who like Laver are basically saying that it's useless to debate rather than simply sticking with Laver.

More than the pleasing worshipfulness though is just how unaffectedly happy so many people are that he won. I'm not talking about comments from Borg or Sampras or anything. More from Nadal fans and people who don't really care about tennis. But mostly it's just a sense I get. That feeling is increased by how well he played.

After all the fuss made about the career Grand Slam part of the deal though, it's pretty alarming that Nadal could do it in about 3 months...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oh how I look forward to the trauma!

The break points not converted! Being broken on the first break point conceded! The screwed up smashes! The passing shot directly into the forehand volley... The possibilities are endless!

For the record, I think there's a good chance that Federer will win easily. But I think there's a slightly better one that it'll be painfully stressful.

It'll be pretty bad if he loses...


Being the free market ideologue I am I trust the market to provide the best information about who's most likely to win stuff.

So I was interested to see how Nadal's loss would affect his odds at Wimbledon and the US Open. His odds had lengthened a lot. Fine, so that's probably because he's pulled out of Queens and is actually a doubt for Wimbledon.

His odds for the US also plummeted, but Andy Murray is now joint favourite!! What the hell?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Murder most fowl

The other day, as I trudged to a cash machine for money to get the boot on my car removed, I happened on two ducks (both grey) beating up another duck (white).

I mean they were pecking at the poor things head. Being the softy I am I tried to break it up since they were on land. I figured it was a dispute over food or something and it would end right away. Instead, as the victim fled for its life the other two chased him down, one grabbing the back of the victim's neck and plunging it underwater the other helping to push the head down.

Birds of other species rushed to the victim's aid and managed to temporarily break it up a few times. Every time they did, the white duck would fly for its life but get chased down and dunked. The other birds kept trying to help but they were too small and got scared when the grey ducks turned on them.

Eventually they managed to drown the poor white duck. Poor thing :( It was pretty amazing to watch. I didn't know that ducks would deliberately execute other ducks. Huh.

If you are weird or live under a rock

and only get tennis results from this blog, then Federer ended up winning yesterday. Yay!

This doesn't necessarily bode well for the future though as he'll likely play Del Potro if he beats Monfis and then Murray in the final. He should beat each of them, but they're some the streakiest players around, between them one of them is likely to have a great day and they could blow Federer away. Players like David Ferrer would be better.

Also, I'd like to express, in advance, my irritation at people demanding an asterisk against Federer if he wins because he didn't beat Nadal.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Two service games into the second set Federer has lost two points on his own serve. And he's a set down.

I'm interested to know if that's ever happened before.

Added: Wow, this is really happening. Two sets down. Just fantastic. I guess this is my punishment for being happy that Nadal lost yesterday.

This will be such a devestating loss for him.